• Certified Breast Fitter
• Post Surgical Camisoles
• Fashionable Headwear

I am a certified breast fitter and offer a full breast  prosthesis and bra fitting service, and a line of fashionable headwear for chemotherapy patients.

Post-surgical or leisure wear camisoles with soft fiber-filled prosthesis offer women a very comfortable solution  immediately after surgery. These camisoles are available in several sizes and colours, and the super-soft fabric ensures comfort and ease. Included are two detachable drainage pockets, and an inner shelf panel holds the breast form(s) in place for a symmetrical silhouette.

I am proud to offer a full range of products from two of the top manufacturers. Please feel free to visit their websites for more information. Please note, that while some products are available for order, “Still Me” Pink Ribbon Boutique will focus on mastectomy/lumpectomy products that are offered by these manufacturers. I am a small business and will make every effort to meet your needs. If a specific product or size is required to be ordered in, the turnaround time will be between 3-7 working days.

Breast Prosthesis / Mastectomy Bras

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